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Salesforce offers a robust platform for SaaS based product and this platform can be leveraged to provide different types of solutions across all the industries. As per the need the and by using the powerful custom application development services from Salesforce, advanced automation functions can be developed in a new application or expansion of the functionality in existing Salesforce CRM be achieved.

Salesforce provide the use of Visualforce pages, Apex classes, S-controls, Triggers, Views, Page Layouts, Workflows to create an architecture of any application and also provide functionality to create an insight engine using different kinds of reports and dashboards.

The Salesforce product development services includes support for providing applications focused on Salesforce CRM or Standalone solutions for various industries. Therefore there are apps for the ISV’s that can be standalone solutions, where Salesforce’s AppExchange provides a good opportunity to tap into Salesforce using customer base and provide a way to integrate a solution with Salesforce.

There are also apps made for businesses already using Salesforce and that can be listed on AppExchange to provide enhancement or automation in existing CRM functionality. This is achievable to any Salesforce org/user via simple click and install. So if there is a need of a new product innovation with a faster, more streamlined process, Salesforce platform is a great way to transform all your existing process and add many more or create a new one from scratch.

Lending XL

Lending Made Easy
LendingXL is a first of its kind enterprise management, marketing and tracking software built on Salesforce lightning and customised for the merchant cash advance and Factoring industry.


Send and receive SMS natively
Send and Receive SMS/MMS using best SMS Platform – Twilio Most cost effective solution with 99.999% deliverability Send predefined templates and automation of SMS


Get your Salesforce Products integrated and for sale on your website!
Integrating WebQuip with your website allows you to add, edit, and update your products for sale within Salesforce and changes automatically synchronized on your website. This app creates a new SECTION in your Products object with starter custom fields.

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