Cloufi Dialer

Augment your efficiency with our Cloufi Dialer. Get a 2-3x boost in rep productivity. Make more calls and connect with more prospects.

Cloufi’s Dialer high-quality connectivity is built on Twilio’s market leading global communications platform capitalizing on Twilio’s continuous development and innovations.

Exclusively written and hosted by Salesforce, Cloufi Dialer will enable delivering real-time call related updates to your Salesforce records, reports, and dashboards while securing your sensitive business data and related call activity secure in your database.


Automatic Call Logging

Automatically record important call data to the apt fields in Salesforce. Devote more time selling and less time charting data.

CRM Click to Call

Our dialer is easily incorporated with Salesforce. All you have to do is to click to call and it will automatically record call data directly in the CRM.

Voicemail automation

Record and leave an impeccable pre-recorded voicemail for prospects who miss picking up the phone and then move on to the next call.

Custom call dispositions

Generate custom dispositions to log qualitative data from your representatives back into the right fields in Salesforce.

Have the bandwidth of making more calls

Your reps will be able to make more calls with special features like – integrated click to call, automatic activity logging and voicemail automation.

Increase your Connect Rate

Comprehend call conclusions and know what percentage of calls actually result in a conversion of a prospect. Coach your reps to improve their connect percentage.