Why Choose Us?

Cloufi is a Salesforce Consulting company working with business based globally and helping them in adopting Salesforce.com practice.

Cloufi brings together an array of cloud-based products to simplify your business processes.  Our instinctive interface streamlines engagement for all participants, refining time to production and reducing training requirements. You can easily amend flows, engage with the target audience, generate custom reports and dashboards.  And with automatic and continuous updates, your contact center will be future ready.

We understand our customer expectations and what responsibilities we have as an organization to deliver. We’ve incorporated certain responsibilities into our business model that allows us to deliver seamlessly.

Work Transparency

We strictly follow all processes to make sure our work is delivered as was committed without any hidden agendas. Using the Scrum methodology, we allow client to track every bit of work done and what is being delivered in a particular milestone.


We’re ethical and forthright, all the time.


We are curious and innovative, therefore we strive for the new and thrive on the proven.


We treasure skills, celebrate effort and reward results accordingly. We cultivate a culture that challenges and champions chosen people.


We believe that we succeed only when our clients do, so no compromise.


We work cooperatively and confidently. Our commitment to greatness is best achieved in collaboration.