7 Biggest Benefits Of Using Salesforce

Every business organisation needs to deal with a variety of data on a daily basis. They need to collect and maintain data regarding the supplies they received from their suppliers, the payments they made or are due to the suppliers, the amount of shares they have issues, the amount of capital that is generated, the payments made or due regarding their daily operations, the rent received or paid and so on. However, the most important data that a business enterprise needs to maintain is that of their valuable customers.

You can’t run a business successfully if you are not giving utmost importance to your customers. They are the ones who are ultimately funding all your operations and helping all your employees earn their desired salaries. This makes is extremely critical for you to maintain their database in the most effective way. When it comes to customer database, some of the most important data that is recorded and stored is the one regarding the contact details of customers, the products they have purchased, the payments they have made, time for which they have been interacting with your business, their likes, preferences and other similar aspects. This record helps you in performing your marketing activities in the most efficient manner, thereby serving your customers well.

However, looking at the rate at which businesses are expanding and number of customers diversifying, business houses might have to deal with hundreds (if not thousands!) of customers regarding an array of activities to be performed. It is humanly impossible to manage this level of workload and handling this huge bulk of data effectively. This is what has given rise to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platforms, which serve as an automated help to your marketing and sales teams in handling the customer data in the best possible manner.

One of the primary business CRM software is Salesforce. Salesforce provides their users with a variety of services that helps your sales team automate a lot of their labour. The platforms helps you in recording your customer data, processing it a suitable manner, segregating it in suitable compartments for you to look at it, makes productive assessments and provides you with suitable analysis by comparing your customer data with the activities your team has been performing. This takes the burden of your shoulders in a considerable manner.

There are several benefits of Salesforce that your business can avail and enhance the activities performed by your sales representatives some of which are discussed here:

Increased Flexibility

The work culture has considerably changed over a period of time. You are living in the day and age when employees are not built for a strict work regime. They would not be comfortable working from nine to five, glued to their office desks for the most part of the day. Employees now feel most productive when they are given freedom to work according to their convenience. Salesforce allows you to give this convenience to your employees by making extensive use of the cloud platforms. Salesforce is essentially a cloud-based platform that allows you to store and use data at any place across the globe.

The extensive use of Salesforce Sales Cloud also allows your employees to log in from any place at any time and perform the concerned activities, which are recorded in the common system database in real time. This also allows the employees or partners residing across the border to access your data and perform the concerned activities effectively.

Ease Of Management

Unlike most of other CRM software platforms, Salesforce is relatively easier to manage. The user interface it provides is highly interactive and automated. It has several drag-and-drop tools that require minimum efforts to perform complicated activities. The platform also has provisions for interactive tutorials for your employees regarding every feature that might confuse you. Salesforce therefore helps you in dealing with the complicated customer data and performing complicated activities by performing much simpler actions.

Third Party Integrations

One of the biggest advantages of getting Salesforce installed in your systems is its ability to integrate efficiently with third party applications. Salesforce would find the most ideal partners and collaborate with them, allowing you to have the best benefits of both the platforms. However, you should rest assured that your data is highly secure and the integrated platforms are relevant to the activities your employees perform, such as integration with an email marketing platform, a product delivery platform etc.

Increase In Productivity

If the amount of work Salesforce allows you to do is done using traditional CRM methods, your team would not be able to complete even half of the work it can complete now. Salesforce has increased the efficiency with which your team can handle the customer data, makes sense of the same and get to perform their respective activities. It also provides you with a high degree of automation and accuracy that ultimately leads to an increase in productivity.

Saving Time And Money

As mentioned earlier, Salesforce offers an array of automated services to your team. As their services are now performed by a computerised system using relevant codes, the concerned tasks will be completed much faster, thereby saving you enough time. Salesforce also facilitates more work to completed even if lesser employees are delegated, making you save on hiring more sales force as well. Also, as several activities can be performed at a single centralised platform, you can also save money on spending separate marketing activity to be carried out by your employees. This ultimately saves you enough time and money that you can otherwise use in several other productive activities of your business.

Effective Lead Management

Salesforce helps you manage leads like no other CRM software would. When you approach your leads, Salesforce records their response in the system and classifies them on the basis of their likelihood of being involved in the process of making sales. It grades them according to the priorities in which you should approach them. Salesforce also helps you in cleaning your sales pipeline by creating a new one for the unresponsive leads. This would help you focus separately on the leads that are likely to generate revenue for your business and deal with the ones that need more persuasion separately. Along with this scoring and qualifying of leads, Salesforce also helps you in nurturing them in the best possible way by suggesting you ideal communication channels to use and relevant messages to convey in order to close your sales cycle.

Increased Personalisation of Services

The platform of Salesforce is built primarily to ensure customer personalisation. It allows your team to serve the customers just the way they wanted to be treated. Salesforce has several components that undertake a thorough scan of your customer data and make important conclusions out of the same. The platform helps you in ascertaining the special areas of interests regarding your customers and their likes as well as preferences. It also has a keen eye on every action your customers make and try to find a suitable pattern that would help you in approaching them in the best way possible. Ultimately, Salesforce would help you tailor your services according to your customers’ requirements.

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