Heart is the legend of thoughts, the brain is the master of Knowledge

Today we are in the phase of automation where human work is followed by robots through artificial Intelligence by means cognitive brain. But still it is not up to the mark of the human body, therefore, I am going to talk about brain vs heart or vice versa. So, first of all, heart and brain are vital organs of human body one of these can’t sustain without other. To adapt something new in life first it should be accepted by heart then the brain will start to learn those things and apply it in life skills.

Now let’s see some ideology and thoughts about heart. In this universe, everyone belonging to mankind believe in love, friendship, relationship and family relations because these relations starts from the heart and ends near to it. Always we see that friendship turns to love due to the presence of a kind and friendly heart that speaks language love very easily due to its simplicity and clean in nature towards mankind. It is so amazing that it can even make an enemy also a friend if we don’t train our heart in that particular aspect of friendship and love. One of the best things about it is that it doesn’t follow any particular religion and also teaches us a lesson of “unity is the strength” and don’t distinguish between religion. And its beauty is to take your mind to your dream world where you want to go. At last, quote that tells you how the heart is in love, war, friendship.


“Smile from the heart can make even a war place to heaven.

And convert friendship  into dream of  happy life,

with stars of love that bright lights forever.”


Now let’s have look at some logic and design of brain. In life, most of the time we come across a various problem where heart decision won’t work or either not beneficial so, better to go with brain decision. I think that brain always tries to make way for heart get out of it when it falls in difficulty. In love, most of the time brain can’t work properly but it alerts the heart to be aware of danger coming to you, even though heart doesn’t listen to the brain. then also brain help to avoid the heart to not to be getting hurt in love because he knows what next step heart goes to take? One of the most excellent sides of its are logic and intelligence in work and knows how to manage time for particular work with smartness.

The amazing part of the brain is that it can design everything you want like in this era of technology by means robots using cognitive brain which can be used for the betterment of mankind to get work done through automation. It is brain which shows you your future life.

And one quote on the brain that defines you brain importance.

“Brain is something more which complex,

That defines you where a mankind can go,

It is just fact that brain has no destiny or rather end.”

At last a short poem 


In life, relationships are due to heart,

to imagine it in dream brain is their,

with both can make human soul amazing,


Everyone is gifted with same heart but not same brain,

because everyone is different in life,

to understand and recognize them the heart and the brain can do it,


Feelings, emotions are part of heart,

magic, miracles are an art of brain,

when both together life is full of emotions and magic,


Gift of heart is to love someone,

to make that relationship sensible is the job of the brain,

with a together amazing dream of love completes,


Greatness of the god is that,

you have friends due to heart,

but get the correct one for your heart is done by the brain,


Life’s most extreme fight is between,

heart vs brain due to its quality,

the heart always tries to find the way for love,

and the brain always tries to avoid heart getting hurt in love,


“A heartless human is disaster for mankind,

like that only,

A powerful is brain also disaster for mankind” 

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