Top 09 Reasons To Choose Salesforce For Your Business

As the business environment is getting more competitive and technology more advanced every passing day, the importance of data management is equally increasing with time. All kinds of businesses are coming up in every sector of the industry which is also giving them more and more customer data to handle.

Thankfully, the advent of digital marketing has made the lives of business owners simpler as there are certain effective software platforms introduced in the market that have simplified the way customer database is managed. This has also made Customer Relationship Management (CRM) easier and more effective. Out of all the CRM software platforms that have emerged in the market, Salesforce has been the most popular.

Salesforce CRM was introduced more than two decades and ago and since then, it has created its special niche in the sector of business CRM. They provide elaborate services, primarily pertaining to managing customer database of a business and analysing the same, helping the business draw out effective conclusions. In this day and age, it is highly advisable for you to choose Salesforce for your business in order to get relieved of the burden of handling the bulk load of data every single day.

If you are still on the fence regarding going with Salesforce as your business CRM, here are some of the major reasons you should check out that would help you make your decision:

Easy To Use User Interface

Unlike several other business CRM software platforms, Salesforce comes with a user interface that is easy to use and understand. There are simple drag-and-drop tools for most of the features that help you perform certain important activities. It also has a highly interactive and aesthetic dashboard that also has tutorials regarding certain features you may find difficulty in operating. In short, for the highly complicated tasks it performs, Salesforce offers you a very simplified and interactive user interface.

Customisable Platform

There is a common myth that Salesforce is only designed for the big shots and not for the new and growing businesses. It is important to note that the platform of Salesforce is highly customisable. If you are a small or medium enterprise, you can opt only for a certain features and choose a Salesforce package that best suits your needs. Also, you can make certain custom changes in the software after installing it according to the business model you follow and the needs of your organisation. Salesforce is therefore a CRM software platform that has something for everyone.

Advantage Of It Being Cloud-based

One of the biggest reasons why you should choose Salesforce CRM for your business is the fact that the platform is efficiently cloud-based. This makes Salesforce highly flexible and adaptable. Gone are the days when employees used to sit on their desks and work fixed ours in their offices in order to complete their tasks. The work module has considerably changed and employees need an increased flexibility. As all the data, opportunities and activities are stored on a cloud platform, Salesforce allows your sales team to work from anywhere at any time of the day.

Ensuring Effective Reporting

Salesforce comes with highly efficient reporting tools that enhance the workings of your sales department and saves you enough time, money and efforts. These tools also facilitate you to give the attention your business deserves. The reporting platform in Salesforce is highly customisable which can be used by your team to create, share and view important reports and analytics, all on a single platform.

Third Party Integration

Salesforce is also known for its integrations with third party applications. This helps in you getting the benefits of both Salesforce Development Services as well as the application they have integrated with on the same platform. This will only ensure the efficiency of your activities and allow your team to work better.

Optimum Use Of AppExchange

Salesforce also allows you to use AppExchange on their platform through which you can build your own customised business application as well as get an access to a number of other business applications of varied kinds.

Efficient Mobile CRM

Salesforce does not just run on desktops. It also has a mobile version of itself called Salesforce1 Mobile. This version has all the facilities, features and tools of Salesforce with the mobile customisation being seamlessly smooth. Also, the mobile version of Salesforce is also connected to the cloud that allows your employees to work from anywhere at any time and the information will be logged into the system in real time.

Lead Management

A lead can be defined as any customer you approached for the purpose of marketing persuasion. Once a lead is approached, Salesforce gets it registered on its database. Later, these leads are scored according to the responses you receive and are segregated according to the same. Salesforce will also help you clean your sales pipeline off the leads that are unresponsive and create a separate pipeline for them. This way, you can focus on the leads that are your priority as well as separately nurture the ones that are not so responsive. Salesforce also helps you in tending to the leads that finally qualify by suggesting you the best communication channel to follow.

High Customer Personalisation

One of the biggest reasons to choose Salesforce for your organisation is the fact that it helps you take care of your customers like no other platform would. The software thoroughly goes through your customer database, the actions you performed with them, the opportunities you tapped and responses you received. Based on these parameters, Salesforce will let you know the likes and preferences of your customers. A new version of Salesforce also has an artificial intelligence component known as Einstein. This component makes sense of all the available data and makes predictive analysis that helps you predict the behaviour of your existing or potential customers. This would help you in tailoring your services according to the convenience and preferences of your customers. When your customers avail personalised services, they feel special and their loyalty towards you considerably increases.

This is why you should choose Salesforce for your business CRM software for your business enterprise. However, it is always advisable to approach a Salesforce consultant before getting the system installed as they would duly inform you regarding the services the platform has to offer.

Also, if your organisation has never used Salesforce earlier, it is highly advised to conduct several seminars, workshops and training sessions of your employees with certain experienced developers. This would help them to get a hands-on experience and considerable background knowledge regarding the CRM software. It is also important to note that if you have no history with Salesforce, go with its latest version that is Salesforce Lightning. It has a more interactive user interface and is pretty simple to understand.

Once you get Salesforce installed into your systems and are hiring employees in your sales or IT department, it is advisable to choose applicants that possess Salesforce Certification. This will ensure that the concerned applicant has enough knowledge about the platform and this will not only save you user adoption costs but would also increase the value of your team!

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