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Cloufi is one of the most reputed Salesforce consulting companies in USA that has established a significant presence in providing a comprehensive range of Salesforce consulting services enabling you to unscrew the caliber of Salesforce to serve your enterprise requirements. With over a decade of service excellence in providing CRM services, we assist in enhancing the productivity of business sales, service, and advertising activities of B2C & B2B organizations working in business services, Information Technology, manufacturing, retail, telecoms, finance and banking, healthcare, and much more.

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Sales Marketing

Marketing has seen an extraordinary change lately, where the relationship among brands & clients has advanced altogether.

Sales Integration

Salesforce ranked first in 2018 by Forbes as the best innovative company. This cloud-based CRM platform enables sales

Sales Blockchain

In the current advanced administration, there is an expanding interest for speed, effectiveness, and above all trust.

Data Migration

When a customer decides to move to a new platform, there is a need to migrate all the functional data from their legacy system.

Pardot Sales

Pardot is a marketing computerization instrument, possessed by Salesforce. Advertisers utilize this device,


Many sales organizations are facing a common problem: producing accurate and professional sales quotes for


Salesforce offers a robust platform for SaaS based product and this platform can be leveraged to provide different types of solutions

Light Component

Lightning applications are composed of Lightning components. There’s not much difference the two with the exception that components

What the Salesforce Consultants here at Cloufi Do

If you intend to execute Salesforce or improve your current arrangement, our professionals here at Cloufi give extensive range of Salesforce consulting services, which incorporates:

    Regardless of whether you have to make a far-reaching client see, decrease long sales cycles or empower omnichannel case the board, Salesforce consulting addresses your difficulties auspicious and productively.


    Mapping business targets into Salesforce highlights happens after your business objectives are clear. Presently it's an excellent opportunity to pick Salesforce usefulness (either default or custom) to accomplish them.


    Picking the correct version implies that you get your business challenges tended to without paying for unneeded highlights. Our Salesforce consulting partners examine your necessities and propose a release, which will be an ideal counterpart for your business.


    We thoroughly plan the Salesforce execution procedure to ensure that its every progression is performed in due time, and the full extent of highlights you need is actualized inside the task's period.


    We accumulate prerequisites for the digitized sales process from sales directors. They share their sales objectives and challenges, and together we choose how to oversee sales issues and bolster the viability of sales-related procedures with Salesforce.


    As one of the top most Salesforce consultancies in USA, we have talks with marketing directors of our customers to plan client ventures and productively digitize client commitment techniques.


    Discussions with client service chiefs help to design the mechanization of client service work processes that will bolster service specialists' endeavors and add to the expansion in the general nature of client service.


    Our group of UX originators and business examiners dissects your clients' inclinations or UI issues they experienced in past CRM. At that point, the UX group maps out client ventures, which outline the arrangement’s genuine utilization and make a UI model of the answer to mirror its rationale. If there's no need in significant UI customization, you may keep default Salesforce UI.


    We layout the extensive customizations (which may shift from setup with point-and-snap devices to custom improvement), which make the framework utterly agreeable with your business forms. On the off chance that the custom combination is required to guarantee the adjusted work of your Salesforce answer for outside frameworks, for example, ERP, web-based business stages, joint effort frameworks, we delineate this coordination too.


    Cloufi's Salesforce consultants are prepared to administer the Salesforce execution procedure to guarantee the client's necessities are acknowledged in full. We can manage safe information import, the dispatch of the new framework and framework development and backing. We can likewise perform Salesforce execution to convey a stable arrangement created with a view to the client's necessities and client comfort.


    To assist your clients with mastering the new framework, we make a client appropriation procedure, which contains iterative client preparing, auspicious client support by the Salesforce administrator, discharge notes, and rewards for cutting edge Salesforce clients.


    The Salesforce CRM platform is like a guide, map, compass, and facilitator for startups. It gives a crystal clear understanding of the correct position of the relationship with the customers. Also, it provides the right direction to be taken to keep them happy or at least not in the wrong direction of losing them.

    It helps to navigate the troubled waters of solving any obstacles with the customers and to successfully close the deals with them. The business success scorecard will provide the right input of the correctness of dealing with the customers. Also, it will benchmark the business against the best in class and provides with precise tips for future transaction and improvement.


    The facilities of top-notch companies of having the complete customer details at the fingertips could be had by startups also. Imagine the following information of the customers at a click for developing business:

    • The status of their orders
    • Record of all their previous interactions
    • Pending invoices
    • Transaction history

    The Salesforce CRM is not only a scoring machine of customer details but helps to qualify the leads for active and smart sales. It enables automatically to prompt the agents at appropriate times to ensure that the planned programme of contact with customers is done in time. It avoids the embarrassment and costly loss of failing to contact the customers to progress and close deals.

    It is practical that not every prospect can be converted to sales, but the CRM tool enables us to learn from every outcome whether it is the success or failure. The agents win some time and learn at all times with the Salesforce CRM platform because it enables to collate and analyze it stored data. In the long run, it allows continuous and constant improvement to conduct smart selling.


    With smartphones ruling the world now with more than 60 % using it, the infrastructure should be able to accommodate its facilities. Once the startups are in the fast track, it is pertinent to keep up the pace with proper foundation. It is relevant to share all the CRM data with other colleagues to collaborate on sales initiatives and many more.

    All this of gathering and accessing vital information while on the go with various devices like tablet, laptops, and others is vital. To enable this in-house software is too costly and unimaginable for a startup. But with Salesforce platform mobile apps can be developed for its purpose to take advantage of any micro-moments of productivity all the time.

    This method of building employee smartphone apps which are targeted at specific tasks is revolutionizing companies worldwide. They bring in huge savings by replacing paper-based operations for developing leads to customers. It is done by instant approval of quotes by revising as per the condition to close deals in record time.


    Social media has changed the way of customer service. For startups at one point in time, the growth depends on keeping up with customer service becomes an issue. But with Social CRM Systems and the power of cloud the CRM could be connected to cloud-based services.

    With this integration, it becomes possible for an overview of the customer and prospect activity on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more.

    With direct interactions on these platforms, the insights got can predict future trends and patterns. Complaints can be reduced by anticipating questions and answering them correctly and promptly. This modern CRM enables to deliver direct customer service through these social media networks for a amazing and smooth experience for all involved.

    The out of the box Service Cloud Essentials customer support app from Salesforce are now the craze of many leading startups or small business. They help startups graduate to small companies and big conglomerates. It is done by helping to increase customer satisfaction to make the companies grow at a rapid pace.

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