Salesforce Lightning communities

What is community?
Communities are branded spaces for your employees, customers, and partners to connect.
You can customize and create communities to meet your business needs, then transition seamlessly between them.

Why Community?
Visually stunning Experience
We have out of the box components in community and if you want to enhance OOTB components ,lightning community allows you to do that
Ability to create website
We can create a website using lightning community.
Integrate business Process:
Salesforce community allow u to create website which integrate with ur business data and your business process
Personalize the user Experience:
Personalize the experience for each user.Build branding for customers.You can build the kind of experience user want to build


Let’s start building a community
Before creating a community,you should register your domain.
Setup–> Communities Settings–>Enable communities –>Enter Domain Name–> Save

To create community
Setup–> All Communities –> New Community –>Select Template

Go to builder

Select theme from community

Publish Community
By publishing community we can save the changes made to the community and it will be visible to the user

To use community as site
From builder–>go to settings–>General–>tick “Public can access the community” checkbox –>publish
Every time you make any change to the community do not forget to publish.
Changes will only reflect when you will publish the community

You can add your custom CSS to get that perfect visual experience

To use community site
Go to settings–>general –>Copy URL from published status

This is your community site will look. There are too many things that you can try out.
You can add tabs in your navigation menu or you can create a separate design according to your business process.
You can articles which will help your customers to know your business well.


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